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Welcome to our tutoring website! We are dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized tutoring services to students of all ages and abilities. Our experienced and knowledgeable tutors are passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals and reach their full potential.


Individual Attention

Unlike other tutoring places, here we teach the psychological understanding of how to approach different problems.

With our 1-on-1 approach, students will have sessions tailored to their individual learning preferences.

Learning to Study

Not only will the tutors go over homework concepts and questions, but they will also aim to teach great studying habits that will lead to long-term success. Our tutors will help students develop effective time management skills, improve their concentration and focus, and learn how to set and achieve goals. By teaching these important skills, our tutors aim to empower students to take charge of their own learning and become independent, successful learners.

Resources to Success

One size does not fit all! Our teaching styles will be catered to the success of the student. Our tutors will also provide additional resources like tests, homework, videos, and other materials that will help students learn and reinforce the concepts they are working on. We believe that personalized and interactive teaching is the key to helping students succeed, and our tutors are trained to adapt their methods to the unique needs of each student.

Courses we tutor:


  • Grades 1-10 Math Fundamentals
  • Grade 11 Functions
  • Grade 12 Advanced Functions
  • Grade 12 Calculus


  • Grades 1-10 Science Fundamentals
  • Grade 11 Chemistry & Physics
  • Grade 12 Chemistry & Physics


  • Grades 10-12 Computer Science
  • Personalized programming classes for a specific coding language

Our pricing:


At the library:

  • Grades 1-5: $20/hour
  • Grade 6-8: $25/hour
  • Grades 9-12: $30/hour

At your home:

  • Grades 1-5: $30/hour
  • Grade 6-8: $35/hour
  • Grades 9-12: $40/hour


  • Grades 1-5: $15/hour
  • Grade 6-8: $20/hour
  • Grades 9-12: $25/hour

What other parents and students say

I am so grateful to have found this tutoring website. My son was struggling with math and was losing confidence in his ability to do well in school. After just a few tutoring sessions with Bikram, he is making great progress and is starting to enjoy math.

– Linda Phillips, Grade 11 Parent

I was hesitant to try tutoring at first, but I am so glad I did! Bikram not only has a deep understanding of the subjects he teaches, but he makes learning computer science fun and engaging.

– Japjit Gill, Grade 12 Student

Our Tutor

Bikramjit Narwal

U of T Engineering Grad

Bikramjit has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering from the #1 Engineering school in Canada. With his background in engineering and his experience as a software engineer, Bikramjit has a deep understanding of math and science concepts, and knows what it takes to achieve high marks in these subjects. He is currently working as a software engineer and is also a dedicated and experienced tutor.

3.54 GPA

Bikramjit has a 3.54 GPA, which is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his studies. He has a strong background in math and science, and is well-equipped to help students understand complex concepts and improve their grades in these subjects.

5 Years Experience

He has 5 years of experience tutoring students of all ages and abilities, and has a proven track record of helping them achieve their academic goals. Bikramjit’s extensive knowledge and experience make him a valuable resource for students who need help with math and science subjects, and his personalized and interactive teaching style ensures that every student gets the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Still not Satisfied?

Why not set up a free first session for your child to see how they like it?

We will spend a session with your child where we will get to know them, assess their needs, and develop a personalized tutoring plan that is tailored to their learning style and goals. This free first session is a great way for your child to see what tutoring is like and decide if it is right for them. Contact us today to schedule your child’s free first session and get started on the path to academic success.

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We believe with the right support and guidance, students can overcome obstacles, build confidence, and achieve their academic goals.


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